1. Dr.Sharad Shegaonkar – Associate Professor
  2. Dr.Archana Kasabe – Assistant Professor
  3. Dr.Satish Desai – Assistant Professor
  4. Dr.Abhijeet Dhavale – Assistant Professor
  5. Dr.Vidya Bhojane – Senior resident
  6. Dr.Prachi Zambre – Senior Resident
  7. Dr.Ujwal Gaikwad – Junior Resident
  8. Dr. Gayatri Vadgave – Junior Resident
  9. Dr.Rajashree Patil – Junior Resident
  10. Dr.Sushant Chiparge – Junior Resident
  11. Dr.Madhuri Bhopale – Junior Resident
  12. Dr.Mayuri Nilawad – Junior Resident
  13. Dr.Priyanka Mahendrakar – Junior Resident

Department of ophthalmology is fully equipped with varities of diagnostic and operative instruments.

  1. AUTOREFRACTOMETERDepartment consist of autorefractometer of APPASAMY company which gives automatic keratometric readings and refractive readings.It is used to check refractive power of patients and to calculate keratometric readings of eye.
    Fundus camera is used to capture fundus images so as to diagnose posterior segment pathologies.It helps us in accurate diagnosis of disc, macula and background retina like diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, macular diseases.
  3. YAG CAPSULOTOMY MACHINEThis device consist of Nd yag laser which is used for posterior capsulotomy in cases of Posterior capsular opacification.The laser clear off the thickened posterior capsule which occurs mostly after cataract surgery and thus improves vision.
  4. GREEN LASERThis laser machine uses green laser which is used to treat cases of diabetic retinopathy and other various diseases of retina.
  5. AUTOMATED PERIMETERThis is d diagnostic aid very useful to diagnose patients of glaucoma accurately.This device gives us automatic information of glaucomatous damage of eye.

    periodicly done perimetric readings gives us information regarding progression of glaucomatous changes n helps us to know if medical line of treatment is effective in pts.

  6. IMASTER PHACOMACHINEDepartment has imaster phacomachine which is useful for phaco surgeries for cataract patients.
  7. VITRECTOMY CUTTERImaster phacomachine has accessories of vitrectomy cutters which is very essential for vitrectomy procedures in cases of PC rent,before SFIOLS ETC.
  8. X-Y COUPLING APPASAMY OPERATING MICROSCOPEDepartment is equipped with x-y coupling microscope which is used to carry out ennumerable cataract and other ocular and extra ocular surgeries like ptyregium,sac surgeries,lid tear repair ,corneal tear repaires etc.
  9. MANUAL KERATOMETERThis equipment gives us accurate k-readings which helps us to calculate IOL power before cataract surgery. This is manually operated.