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The Department Has A Golden History .Since Its Inception From 1962 , It Has Been Gifted And Guided With Eminent Obstreticians And Gynaecologists Who Were Not Only Good Teachers But Also Innovative And Extremely Skilled Clinicians. Since 1962 Till Today About 300 Students Have Completed Postgraduate Studies And Holding Respectable Position In Society Since The Time Of 1st Hod Dr .Mrs Jirad Till Todays Dr V.D. Mule ; The Efficiency, Sincerity Of Work Is Not Only Been Maintained But It Is Also Inculcated In The Upcoming Students. The Department Is Very Active In Various Research Projects As Pptct.(Ictc 2). With The Lead Of Dr Mule V.D., Health Education, Councelling Regarding Family Planning Services And Movement Against Female Foeticide Being On Top Priority Are Conducted Effeciently.

Staff Position
Name Designation Degree Teaching Experience (U.G.) Teaching Experience (P.G.)
Dr. Mule V.D. Professor And Hod M.D. 27yrs 19 Yrs
Dr. Murthy B.K. Associate Profesor M.D. 15 Yrs 8 Yr
Dr. Bhingare P.E. Associate Profesor M.D. 15yrs 2yrs
Dr Rawal R. M. Associate Profesor M.D. 11 Yrs 4 Yrs
Dr. Gaikwad N. Associate Profesor M.D. 10yrs 3 Yrs
Dr. Rokade J.V. Associate Profesor M.D. 10 Yrs 2 Yrs
Dr Shilpa Date As.sistant Professor M.D. 8 Yrs
Dr. Neha Pande Assistant Professor M.D. 5yrs
Dr. Vijaya Chinchwade Assistant Professor M.D. 3yrs
Dr. Sridhar D. D. Assistant Professor M.D. 3yrs
Dr. Arihant Magdum Assistant Professor M.D. 3yrs
Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni Assistant Professor Dnb 3yrs

PG Course :- Degree (No Of Seats) : 4 (M.D), 4 (D.G.O)

1st Batch Of P.G : 1977

Departmental Attraction / Performance In Last 3 Yrs /Museum /Laboratory/ Library
  • Department Has Its Own Library With Recent Journals.
  • Different Complicated Surgeries With Excellent Results Like Cancer Surgeries, Tuboplasties And Excellent Handling Of Complicated Obstretic Cases Are Mainstays Of Attraction.
  • International And National Paper Presentations With Poster Presentation By Faculties And Postgraduate Students.
  • Department Has Won Prize In Almost Every Alternate State Conference .
Year 2011 2012 2013
U.G 87.59% 89.89% 88.11%
P.G 100% 100% 84%
List Of Publications Till Now
Sr. No. Name Of Paper Name Of Journal Name Of Author
1 Vaginalhysterectomy In Non Dub Cases Milestone Journal Of Dmer April 2005 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof.
2 Misoprostone Alone Versus A Combination Of Dinoprostone And Oxytocin For Induction Of Labour The Journal Of Obstetric And Gynaecology India Sep.2006 Dr. Murthy B. K. Asso. Prof
3 Extraperitoneal Caesarean Section –A Sequel Of Cesarean Section Adhesion Obs And Gyn Today April2008 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof
4 Comparison Of Five Different Methods Of Delivering Babies In Deeply Engaged Heads In Cesarean Section Indian Medical Gazzette Nov 2008 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof.
5 Safety Of Single Dose Nevirapine For Prevention Of Verticle Transmission Of Hiv Infection Indian Journal Of Pharmacology April 2011 Dr. Murthy B. K. Asso. Prof
6 Practices Of Breast Feeding Amongst Post Cesarean Section Patients The Antiseptic June 2011 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof
7 Knowledge Of Emergency Contraception Amongst Medical Students The Antiseptic July 2011 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof
8 Physiology As A Subject And Career Option In A View Of Medical Student  Indian Journal Of Pharm Biomedical Research 2011 Dr. N. B. Gaikwad Asso. Prof
9 Comparison Of Intramyometrial Vs Intramuscular Inj. Pgf2 Alfa In Cases Of Atonic Pph During Cs The Antiseptic May 2012 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof
10 Comparison Of Safety And Efficacy Of Papaya Dressing With H2o2 Solution On Wound Bed Preparation In Patients Of Wound Gape Indian Journal Of Pharmacology Dec 2012 Dr. Murthy B. K. Asso. Prof
11 Congenital Anomalies Associated With Single Umbilical Artery An Ultrasound Study J.Basic And Applied Scientific Research 2012 Dr. N. B. Gaikwad Asso. Prof
12 Maternal Mortality In A Tertiary Care Hospital A 10 Yr Review International Journal Of Preventive Medicine Jan 2013 Dr. Murthy B. K. Asso. Prof
13 Determinants Of Induced Abortion At Referral District Hospital And  Preventive Steps To Reduce Them International Journal Of Scientific And Research Publication March 2013 Dr. J. V. Rokade Asso. Prof
14. Evaluation Of High Risk Factors Among Antenatal Women International Medical Journal Volume 1 Jan 2014 Dr. Bhingare P. E. Asso. Prof
Ongoing Research Activities
  • Retrospective Analytical Study Of Emergency Obstetric Hysterectomy In 5 Yeras
  • Fetomaternal Outcome In Obese Pregnant Patients
  • Study Of Maternal And Fetal Outcome Of Intraparum Epidural Analgesia
  • Fetomaternal Outcome In Obstetric Haemorrhage
  • Study Of Maternal Mortality In Tertiary Referral Center
  • To Study The Efficacy Of Cryocauterisation In Cervical Erosion Cases.
  • Comparitive Study Between The Efficacy Of Dinopreostone Gel And Intracervical Folleys Catheter Baloon For Cervical Ripening Prior To Induction Of Labour At Term.
Any Other Acievements
  • Our Department Was Selected As “Center Of Excellence” By Naco ,New Delhi For Mtct Pilot Project In 2000.
  • Conducted “Azt Feasibility Study Project” In Collaboration With Naco And Unicef For Pptct In 2001 – 2002.
  • Conducted “Nvp Feasibility Study Project” In Collaboration With Naco And Unicef For Pptct In 2003 – 2005.
  • Well Established Ictc Center For Pptct Till Today.
  • Department Has Excellent Contribution In Discussions Regarding Maternal Mortality, Perinatal Mortality, Meetings Under Pcpndt Act And Female Feticide.
Future Expectations

Department Is Planning To Establish Well Equiped Infertility Center