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About Us

The Department of Community Medicine at GMC, Miraj (GMCM) was established on Dec 1963, as the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine with Dr. M. G. Nadkarni as its first Professor & Head who was also the 4th Principal of the college.

Over the years, the Department has established itself as an important Centre of learning for graduates and post-graduate medical students and imparts training to physicians and paramedical personnel in the practice of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

Since its inception, the Department of Community Medicine has grown into one of the important departments of GMCM, with involvement in the field of teaching, research, consultancy and medico-social activities.

The department is actively involved in various research projects. The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division offers expertise in designing research projects, bioethics and advanced statistical analyses not only for the department but also for the entire GMCM. The department also coordinates the activities of the IDSP Unit, MIS and DMER Bulletin for GMCM.

Course Offered

Undergraduate – M.B.B.S. – MCI Recognized

Postgraduate – M.D. ( Community Medicine ) – MCI Recognized, 3 seats /Yr, Started since 1980

Postgraduate – D.P.H. ( Diploma in Public Health ) – MCI Recognized, 2 seats / Yr, Started in 1994

NEW COURSES – BPMT (Community Medicine / Health Inspector / Emergency Medical Services)

FUTURE PLANS – PhD course.

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Staff Position
Sr.No Faculty Current Designation & Date of joining GMCM Qualification (UG, PG, Additional Qualification) Years of experience Area of interest Email id




1 Dr.Shekhar Sakharam Rajderkar Professor 1988 MBBS 1979

MD 1983

34 yrs 29 yrs

2 Dr.Jayashree Dayanand Naik Associate Professor 1989 MBBS 1982, MD 1988, DGO 1985 26 yrs 17 yrs MCH, CD & NCD
3 Dr.Tejaswini Vishnu Sangrulkar Associate Professor 2011 MBBS 1997

MD 2003

6 yrs 1 yr Nutrition, NCD, Epidemiology, Demography
4 Dr.Priya Mohan Prabhu Associate Professor 2006 MBBS 1998

MD 2004

10 yrs 4 yrs AIDS, IYCN, Research Methodology, GME
5 Dr.Sachin Bhanudasrao Jadhav Assistant Professor 2009 MBBS 2002

MD 2009

5 yrs Epidemiology, Occupational Health
6 Dr.Namrata Vijay Kulkarni Assistant Professor 2014 MBBS 2008

MD 2014

6 m Epidemiology, NCD, Disaster Management
7 Dr.Vivek Shivajirao Behere Assistant Professor 2006 MBBS 2006

MD 2014

Infectious Diseases, Geriatric Health, Maternal Health
8 Dr.Mayuri Pravin Joshi LMO Immunization
9 Dr.Radhe B K Tutor 2014 MBBS 2012
10 Dr.Sandeep Dattatray Babar
11 Dr.Vishwanath G R Tutor 2014 MBBS 2010
12 Dr.Rahul Ishwar Gajbhiye Tutor 2015 MBBS 2013
Various Facilities Available
1) Infrastructure
  • One Lecture hall to accommodate 150 students with suitable furniture. The Audio Visual equipments available are Overhead projector, Slide projector, Television, DVD Player, Black Board, LCD, Laptop etc.
  • Two demonstration rooms with accommodation capacity of 75 students.
  • Under graduate Laboratory which can accommodate 40 students is used for Practical teaching purpose. There are 31 dissecting microscopes, 2 compound microscopes.
  • Seminar room is available for various PG activities and for departmental meetings.
2) Museum
  • Department has a separate museum for display of educational material. 239 specimen and models, 101 charts are displayed in the museum for Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching.
3) Departmental Library
  • The departmental library is well equipped with 87 Text Books in Community Medicine, 849 Reference books and issues of more than 12 Journals and other publications.
4) Research Lab
  • The Department has a Research Laboratory with various research equipments for public health practicals. Most of the Research activities are carried out at the field practice areas. The Post graduate M.D. dissertation, Interns Projects, STS ICMR Projects and Undergraduate projects are carried out whenever necessary.
5) Training Centers
  • Urban Health Centre; Rural Health Training Center, Tasgaon and Three Primary Health Centres viz. Nandre, Kawalapur & Manerajuri are utilized as teaching and training centres for Undergraduates, Interns, Postgraduates and Paramedicals.
Departmental Activities
1) Educational Activities

Lectures, Demonstrations, Tutorials , Seminars, Practicals and Educational field visits for Under-graduates, Post graduates and Interns

2) Patient Care Activities (See Additional Information)

1. Urban Health Center: Caters for approximately 6000 Population
2. RHTC, Tasgaon: Caters for approximately 40,000 population
3. All National Program activities
4. Family Health visits to families in adopted community

3) Immuno-prophylaxis Services
  • Animal Bite Treatment Centre ( 7 days a week, 24 hours every day) at GMCH, Miraj
  • Immunization Clinic: Universal Immunization Programme including Vitamin – A prophylaxis.
  • Pulse Polio Immunization
4)Training of medical & paramedical personnel and students in
  • PPTCT,
  • RNTCP,
  • IMNCI,
  • Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC),
  • Pulse Polio,
  • Hospital Waste Management & Disposal
  • Research Methodology
5) Conducting workshops on various other topics for paramedical workers
6) Research Activities
  • ICMR Projects (Including STS for UG students)
  • Dissertation Projects
  • Field surveys
  • Investigation of Epidemics when needed
  • Health Systems research
  • Epidemiological research
  • Paper presentations in conferences
7) Compulsory Rotatory Internship program at GMCH, Miraj, PVPGH, Sangli and RHTC, Tasgaon.
  • Co-ordinating Urban & Rural Internship Programme
  • Internship Orientation Training Programme of 5 to 6 Days duration for every batch of prospective Interns.
  • Seminars of interns
8) Hospital Infection Control Activities
  • Weekly hospital rounds
  • Monitoring of suspected Nosocomial infections in collaboration with Microbiology dept.
9) Surveillance of Hospital Water supply & Sanitation as well as Hospital infection control surveillance
10) Chairmanship/ Membership/ Co-ordination of –
  • Member – DOTs Plus Core Committee
  • Member – Medical Education Technology Section
  • Member – Anti Ragging committee
  • Member – Hospital Diet Management Committee
  • Member – Hospital Infection Control Committee
  • Member – Ethical committee
  • Member – disaster Management Team
  • Member – Anti-Ragging Squad
  • Teacher member of Student Council
11) Co- ordination of
  • IDSP (Integrated Disease Surveillance Project) Unit of GMC, Miraj
  • MIS (Management Information System) of GMC, Miraj, under Directorate of Medical Education & Research, Mumbai.
  • DMER Bulletin of GMC, Miraj
12) Celebration of National / International Health days
  • Poster competition, Exhibitions, Rallies, Health talks, Street Plays, Screening Camps etc.
13)Community Awareness Program:
  • Health talks, News Paper articles, Magazine Articles.
  • 2nd Rank in National level Essay Competition.
  • 6 times winner of Best Paper in State / National Conferences.
  • National level “Saroj Jha” award of IAPSM in 2009.
  • Dr. S. S. Rajderkar, Prof. And H.O.D. Selected as Pro Vice Chancellor of MUHS , Nashik.
  • Dr. M. G. Nadkarni, Dr. Kolte and Dr. S. S. Rajderkar acted as Principal / Dean for various durations
Examination result – PG (last 5 years)
Year M.D. D. P. H.
Appeared Passed Result % Appeared Passed Result %
2011 May 4 4 100 1 1 100
2012 May 1 1 100
2013 May 2 2 100 1 0 0
Dec 1 1 100
2014 May 3 3 100 1 1 100
Examination result – UG (last 5 years)
Year Appeared Passed Result %
2011 87 85 97.7
2012 88 87 98.8
2013 89 87 97.7
  • Internship program is being conducted since 1967.
  • Post graduation Courses:
    • MD (PSM) started in 1980
    • DPH started in 1994
  • Successful investigations of various outbreaks.
  • Post graduate students have won “Best Paper Awards” in various Conferences.
  • PG students have secured Ranks in University examinations on several occasions.
  • Dept. UG Team won National level IPHA quiz in 2002.
  • Organized Health Exhibitions at Sangli in 1992 and 2002.
  • Successfully organized the zonal round of Inter college Quiz competition for Dr. Jal Mehta Trophy organized by IPHA
List of International Publications Since 2011
Sr.No. Name Of The Articles Name of author / staff Name Of Journal Issue/ Volume
1. An Epidemiological Study In Elderly And Its Morbidity In Urban Slum Population In Miraj Dist. Maharashtra. Dr.M. Suwarna
Dr. Naik J D.
Int. J. Of Public Health And Human Rights Vol.1,Issue 1, 2011, pp05-10
2. Measuring Patient Satisfaction Towards Quality Of Outpatient Care: A Part Of Health System Research. Dr.S.B. Jadhav
Dr. G.S.Lokhande
Dr. J.D.Naik
Int. J. Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology. Vol.1 issue 3,2011
Pg no.96-103
3. Profile Of Clients Attending An Integrated Counseling & Testing Center Of Tertiary Care Hospital At Sangli District Of Maharashtra. S.D Langare,
S.S Rajderkar,
J D Naik,
International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science &Technology, Vol 1, Issue 3,2011, pp124-6.
4. Measuring Patient Satisfaction Towards Quality Of Outpatient Care: A Part Of Health Systems Research S.B. Jadhav,
G. S. Lokhande,
S.S. Rajderkar,
S.P. Suryavanshi,
K.R. Bhoye
International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology Vol 1, Issue 3, 2011, pg 96-103
5. Maternal Risk Factors Determining Birth Weight Of Newborns: A Tertiary Care Hospital Based Study. PS Thomre,
AL Borle,
JD Naik.
S SRajderkar
International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology Vol 5, Issue 1, 2012, pg-3-8
6. H1N1 Swine Flu: The Clinico- Epidemiological Surveillance In Sangli District Of Western Maharashtra ,India. S SRajderkar
K R Bhoye,
J D Naik,
K A Patel,
SD Langare,
S B Jadhav,
P M Prabhu,
V A Nandimath
International Journal Of Health & Sciences & Research Vol 2:Issue :2 May 2012 Page 31-39.
7. A Longitudinal Study Of Attitudes And Adverse Reactions Of Influenza Vaccination Among Health Care Personnel Dr. J D. Naik,
Dr. Kriti Patel
Dr. S.S. Rajderkar,
Dr. Sanjay Jathar
International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology Vol 2, Issue 3, 2012, pg-25-29
8. H1N1 Swine Flu: An Experience In A District Of Western Maharashtra ,India Dr.J.D.Naik
Dr.Kriti A Patel
Dr S S Rajderkar
Dr Kailash Bhoye
International Journal Of Collaborative Research In Internal Medicine &Public Health. Vol 2:Issue :3, 2012, 31-9
9. Maternal Mortality In Tertiary Care Hospital: A 10-Year Review B K Murthy
M B Murthy
Priya M Prabhu
International Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol4, No1 Jan,2013 Pg: 105-9
10. Current Breast Feeding Practices Among The Mothers Of Infants – A Cross Sectional Study. Naik J. D.,
Jailkhani Sheetu,
Thakur Madhav,
Langare Sanjivani,
Pandey Varsha,
Bharsakle Shrihari
International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology Vol 7, Issue 1, 2013, pg-45-48
11. A One Year Retrospective Study Of Snake Bite Cases Admitted In A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Western Maharashtra. Thakur M S,
Naik J D,
Sheetu Jailkhani,
Langare S D
International Journal Of Biological &Medical Research 2013; 4(2): 3115-3117
12. Study of family factors in association with behavior problems amongst children of 6-18 years age group S S Jogdand
Naik J D
International Journal of applied and Basic Medical Research July-Dec 2014,Vol 4(2), 86-89
13. A Study of Food Handlers in Public Food Establishments in Maharashtra, India Prabhu P M
Shah R S
International Journal of Science and Research July 2014; 3(7): 1485-89
14. Mortality Pattern Among Hopitalised Children In A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Western Maharashtra J D Naik
J R Dolare,
G M Jatti,
D N Digole
Int J. of General Medicine and Pharmacy. Vol3 Issue 6 Nov 2014 : 7-12
List of National Publications Since 2011
Sr.No. Name Of The Articles Name of author / staff Name Of Journal Issue/ Volume
1. Missed Opportunities Of Janani Suraksha Yojana Benefits Among The Beneficiaries In Slum Areas Wadgave H.V.,
G. M. Jatti,
National Journal Of Community Medicine Vol 2 Issue1,2011 : 40-42
2. Profile Of Swine Flu Cases In A Tertiary Hospital, Kolhapur Dr T.V.
et al
Bombay Hospital Journal Special Issue, 2011 Original, Vol. 53. 386-390
3. Profile Of ICDS Beneficiaries With Special Reference To Nutritional Status: A Community Based Follow Up Study Dr T.V.
et al
Bombay Hospital Journal Special Issue, 2011 Original, Vol. 53: 364-369
4. Hand Washing Practices In Health care Workers. Prabhu P.M. Indian Medical Gazette Vol CXLV(10) Oct2011, 400-2
5. Adverse Reactions Following Influenza Vaccination Among Health Care Personnel At Govt. Medical College, Miraj – A Longitudinal Study Dr. J D. Naik
Dr. S.S.
Dr. Sanjay
Dr. Kriti Patel
National Journal Of Community Medicine Vol 2 issue 3 Oct-Dec. 2011 pg 358-61
6. Attitude Of Pregnant Women Towards The GenderPreference Wadgave HV,
Jatti GM,
Pore PD
Indian Journal Of
Maternal And Child Health
Volume 13 (4), 2011 : 1-7
7. A Cross-Sectional Study Of Factors Influencing Gender Preference Of Child Among Women In Reproductive Age Group Lokhande GS,
Jadhav SB,
Rajderkar SS,
Gandham SV,
Suryawanshi SP
Indian Journal Of
Maternal And Child Health
Volume 13 (4), Oct- Dec 2011
8. Domestic Violence Against Adolescent Girls & Newly Married Women & Their Mental Health Status- A Community Based Study K. A Patel,
S.S. Rajderkar
J.D. Naik,
S.B. Jadhav
Indian Journal Of
Maternal And Child Health
JAN-MAR;14(1) 2012
9. Prevalence Of High Risk Under-Fives In Urban Area Wadgave H V,
Pore P D,
Jatti G.M.
Indian Journal Of
Maternal And Child Health
Volume 14 (2), 2012: 1-7
10. Epidemiological Profile Of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Cases Admitted In Tertiary Care Hospital. Wadgave H V, Jatti G M Journal Of Community Nutrition & Health Volume 1 (2), 2012:
11. Occupational Stress & Burnouts As Predictors Of Job Satisfaction Amongst Lawyers In District Sangli. Patel K A
Rajderkar S S
Naik J D.
National Journal Of Medical Research Volume 2 Issue 2 Apr-June 2012.Page 141-144.
12. Nutritional status and blood pressure among adolescents in Miraj, Maharashtra Priya Dhengare, Meshram R, Khakse GM Naik JD Indian Journal Of Medicine And Healthcare Vol:1 Issue: 7 Oct.2012
13. A Pilot Study Of Menstrual Problems In Adolescent Girls Of Slum Area. Wadgave H V,
Jatti G M,
Ahankari S.
Indian Journal Of Public Health Research & Development 2013 Volume 4 (1), 253-255
14. A Cross Sectional Study to Assess Certain Determinants Co-Related with Anaemia in Pregnant Women attending Antenatal Clinic at Rural Health Training Centre in Western Maharashtra S D Langare,
S S Rajderkar,
J D Naik,
Vishwanath Patil
National Journal Of Community Medicine 2013;4(3):454-456
15. Socio-Demographic Correlates of Behavior Problems amongst the Urban Slum Dwellers Aged Between 6 to 18 Years Naik J. D.
Jogdand S
National J Of Medical Research Vol 3,issue 3, 2013, pg 222-225
16. Pattern of Behavior Problems amongst the urban slum dwellers aged 6 to 18 yrs. Jogdand S ,
Naik J D
National J Of Medical Research Vol 3,issu 3, 2013,pg 245-248
17. Gender Inequality And Bio-Social Factors In Nutritional Status Among Under Five Children Attending Anganwadis In An Urban Slum Of A Town In Western Maharashtra, India. K A. Patel,
S D Langare,
J. D. Naik,
S.S. Rajderkar
Journal Of Research In Medical Sciences Vol 18 (4), April 2013, 341-45
18. ‘Stressing Mental Stress in Hypertension – A rural background study’ Jadhav SB,
Jatti GM,
Jadhav AS,
Rajderkar SS,
Naik JD,
Nandimath VA
Journal Of Clinical Diagnosis & Research June 2014; 8 (6) : 4-7


MD Dissertations
Sr.No To be submitted in (Year) Name Topic P. G. Teacher
1. Dec 2014 Dr. J. R. Dolare A Cross-Sectional Study Of Certain Determinants Of Morbidities Among Bus Drivers Of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation In The District. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
2. Dec 2014 Dr. M. L. Mane Assessment Of Quality Of Life Of People Living With HIV/AIDS:A Cross Sectional Study At ART Center Of A Government Medical College Dr. P. M. Prabhu
3. Dec 2014 Dr. V. S. Behere An Epidemiological Study Of Geriatric Population In An Adopted Area Of Community Medicine Department Dr. T.V. Sangrulkar
4. Dec 2015 Dr. M. P. Mathurkar Socio-Demographic And Reproductive Variables In Relation To Female Representative Treat Malignancies :A Hospital Based Study Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
5. Dec 2015 Dr. S. K. Sharma An Epidemiological Study Of Overweight And Obesity And Its Risk Factors Among Adults In An Adopted Urban Slum Area Dr. T.V. Sangrulkar
6. Dec 2015 Dr. T. R. Brahmankar Clinico Epidemiological Profile And Risk Factors Of Hypertension Among The Bank Employees In Western Maharashtra- A Cross Sectional Study Dr. P. M. Prabhu
7. Dec 2016 Dr. Radhe B.K. In Planning Phase Dr. P. M. Prabhu
8. Dec 2016 Dr. Vishwanath G.R. In Planning Phase Dr. T.V. Sangrulkar
9. Dec 2016 Dr. S.D. Babar In Planning Phase Dr. Mrs. J.D.Naik
DPH Projects
Sr.No To be submitted in (Year) Name Topic P. G. Teacher
1. Dec 2014 Dr. B. R. Dhakane Socio-Demographic And Maternal Variables Of Congenital Malformations At Birth- A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
2. Dec 2014 Dr. A. G. Gondikar Socio-Demographic And Nutritional Profile Of Children Registered In Anganwadis Of An Adopted Area Of A Government Medical College. Dr. T.V. Sangrulkar
3. Dec 2015 Dr. S. V. Kamble In Planning Phase Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
4. Dec 2015 Dr. D. D. Gurume In Planning Phase Dr. G.M. Jatti


List Of Dissertations (Till 2013)
Sr. No Year Name of PG student Title Of Theses / Dissertation Name of PG Guide
1. Nov. 1983 Dr. M. V. Rayate Cigarette Smoking Pattern & Attitude Towards Cigarette Smoking In Teachers
Affiliated To Shivaji University.
Dr. M. G. Nadkarni
2. Nov. 1983 Dr. V. K. Kakrani Anthropometric Profile Of Infants & Children Of Slum Dwellers At Miraj Town. Dr. M. G. Nadkarni
3. Nov. 1984 Dr. P. B. Bhore Study Of Prostitutes Residing In Prem Nagar Of Miraj Town. Dr. M. M. Kolte
4. Nov. 1986 Dr. T. A. More Effects Of Noise On State Transport Bus Drivers. Dr. M. M. Kolte
5. Nov. 1988 Dr. Mrs J.D. Naik Prevalence At Anaemia In Pregnant Woman Urban Field Practice Area Miraj. Dr. M. V. Keskar
6. Nov. 1989 Dr. A. B. Kale Study Of Food Handlers In Miraj. Dr. M. M. Kolte
7. Nov. 1991 Dr. P.M. Durgawale Prevalence Of HTN In Rural & Urban Population- A Comparative Study. Dr. M. M .Kolte
8. Nov. 1992 Dr. S. B. Patil Respiratory Infection In Children In Community Based Study. Dr. M. V. Keskar
9. Nov. 1992 Dr. A. N. Modi Maternal Determination Of LBW. Dr. M. M. Kolte
10. Nov. 1992 Dr. G. B. Dhumale Study Of Health Status Of Cotton Mill Workers With Special reference To Byssinosis. Dr. S.S. Rajderkar
11. Nov. 1992 Dr. D. B. Phalke Study Of Health Status Children Attending Schools For Mentally Retarded In Sangli Dist. Dr. M .V. Keskar
12. Nov. 1993 Dr. S. W. Lale Effects Of Pesticides On Grape Garden workers Dr. M .V. Keskar
13. Nov. 1993 Dr. S. L. Sathe Comparative Study Of The Health Status Of Preschool Children In ICDS & Adopted Community Of UHC, Miraj Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
14. May 1994 Dr. C. S. Mohite Clinico-epidemiological Profile Of Uterine Conditions In Reproductive & Post- Menopausal Women By Cervical Cytology Dr. M. M. Kolte
15. May 1995 Dr. S. N. Ranbhise Study Of Some Epidemiological Aspects Of HIV Infection Among Commercial Sex Workers Of Miraj Town. Dr. M. M. Kolte
16. Nov. 1996 Dr. Y. R. Sale Clinico-epidemiological Study Of Health Profile Of Police Personnel In Sangli-miraj. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
17. Nov. 1996 Dr. S. R. Quraishi Medico-social Aspects In MTP Cases. Dr. M. M. Kolte
18. Nov. 1996 Dr. R. S. Hankare Health Survey Of School Children & School Staff Of Primary & Secondary Schools Of Tasgaon Town. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
19. Nov. 1997 Dr. B. S. Payghan Assessment of certain possible risk factors for senile cataract. Dr. M. M. Kolte
20. Nov. 1998 Dr. L. S. Sale Epidemiology of road traffic accidents. Late Dr. M. M. Kolte/
Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
21. Dec. 1999 Dr. P. G. Savale HIV status & high risk profile of voluntary blood donors attending blood donation camps. Dr. J. K. Joshi
22. Dec. 1999 Dr. S. B. Kadam Socio-medical co-relates of adolescent pregnancies Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
23. May 2000 Dr. S. D. Desai Retrospective study of defaulters in short term chemotherapy of tuberculosis patients at district T.B. Centre, Sangli. Dr. Mrs. A. P. Kumavat
24. Dec. 2000 Dr. S. M. Bhadkumbe Noise level survey in community & hazards of noise. Dr. J. K. Joshi
25. Nov. 2001 Dr. S. N. Khandekar Health profile of the elderly in the adopted community of UHC, GMC, Miraj. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
26. Nov. 2001 Dr. J.U.Yadav Implications & impacts of some aspects of consumer protection act on the services provided in general hospitals. Dr. J. K. Joshi
27. May 2002 Dr. S. M. Joshi Clinico-epidemiological health profile diabetic patients attending medicine OPD at general hospital, Sangli & Miraj. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
28. May 2002 Dr. Manju Rahi Clinico-epidemiological study of psychiatric problems in children in adopted community. Dr. Mrs. A. P. Kumavat
29. Dec. 2002 Dr. S. M. Sagare Modifiable risk factors in essential hypertension: A Case control study. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
30. Dec. 2002 Dr. S. K. Kumbhar Study of health profile of ex-servicemen from Sangli Miraj, Kupwad municipal corporation area. Dr. J. K. Joshi
31. May 2003 Dr. P. T. Teli Study of some aspects of psychological stress in undergraduate medical students of GMC, Miraj. Dr. J. K. Joshi
32. May 2004 Dr. P. M. Prabhu Appraisal of certain factors related to preliminary medical audit of hospital acquired infections in Govt. Hospital Sangli / GMCH , Miraj. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
33. May 2004 Dr. H. S. Vedak KAP study of infant feeding in adopted area of GMC, Miraj. Dr. Mrs. L. B. Godale
34. Dec 2006 Dr Sandeep Jogdand Cross sectional study of behaviour problems among 6-18 age group in adopted area of Miraj. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
35. Dec 2006 Dr. B.K. Dalvi Contraceptive Prevalence and Unmet Need for contraception among Married Women of Reproductive age in Rural area of Tasgaon Dr. V. S. Tapre
36. May 2007 Dr. V. K. Phalke Clinico-epidemiological Profile Of Syndrome X – A Hospital Based Descriptive Study. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
37. May 2007 Dr. Kapil Agrawal Clinico-epidemiological Profile Of Certain Important Malignancies With Special Reference To Female Breast
Cancer. A Hospital Based Study.
Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
38. May 2007 Dr. Vikas Gode The Study Of Certain Anthropometry Measurement Of Fat Deposition And Associated Co-morbidities In 40 Patients Attending OPD In Sangli & Miraj Civil Hospital. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
39. May 2008 Dr. U.U. Ukey Trends In Clinco-epidemiological Presentations Of Gastroenteritis Cases In Sangli-miraj-kupwad Municipal Area-a Government Hospital Based Study. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
40. May 2009 Dr. S. B. Jadhav Clinico-epidemiological Profile Of Certain Cardiovascular diseases With Special Reference To Appraisal Of Risk Factors – A Field Based Study. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
41. Nov 2009 Dr. B. S. Girigosavi Evaluation Of National Leprosy Eradication Programme In Sangli-Miraj- Kupwad Municipal Corporation Area Taluka- Miraj, District- Sangli. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
42. May 2009 Dr. P.S. Thomre Comprehensive Study Of Certain Risk Factors Determining Body Weight-a Hosp. Based Study. Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik
43. May 2010 Dr. Ganesh Lokhande Lifestyle Associated Risk Factors In Teenage Students Comparison In Various Socioeconomic Group. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
44. May 2010 Dr. Rajnish Kumar Hospital Based Study Of Certain Modifiable Risk Factors Affecting Pregnancy Outcome. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
45. Nov 2010 Dr. A. D. Kulkarni Appraisal Of Quality Of Services Provided By District Tuberculosis Programme: An Evaluative Study In Sangli Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
46. May 2011 Dr. S D Langare Evaluation Of National AIDS Control Programme, Phase-II in Sangli. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
47. May 2011 Dr. Sandip Suryawanshi Clinico-epidemiological Study Of Acute Respiratory Infection In Children –A Hospital Based Study. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
48. May 2011 Dr. Priya Dhengre A Study Of Certain Predictors Of Hypertension Among Adolescents In The Age Group Of 15-19 Years. Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik
49. May 2012 Dr. V. A. Nandimath Evaluation Of Certain Risk Factors Of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Control Study. Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
50. May 2013 Dr. K. A. Patel Study Of Health Profile Of All Cadres In World In involved in Judicial Work, In District Sangli With Special
reference to Mental Stress Score & Job Satisfaction Scale.
Dr. S. S. Rajderkar
51. May 2013 Dr. Sanjay Jathar Evaluation Of Vaccination Coverage Of Infants, Pregnant Women By Thirty Cluster Sampling Technique-a Comparative Study. Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik
52. May 2014 Dr. Sheetu Jailkhani Descriptive Cross Sectional Study To Evaluate The Nutritional Status & Morbidity Profile Of Adolescents In Urban Slum Area With Special Reference To Nutritional Anaemia. Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik
53. May 2014 Dr. M. S. Thakur Impact Evaluation Of RNTCP Phase-II In A District Of Western Maharashtra With Special Reference To Certain Clinico-Epidemiological Factors. Dr. T.V. Sangrulkar
54. May 2014 Dr. M. S. Gejage Clinico-Epidemiological Profile Of Low Back Pain In Patients Aged 30+ To 50 Years With Special Reference Non Pharmacological Interventions: Comparative Study In Two Genders. Dr. P. M. Prabhu
Projects of Undergraduate Students (ICMR- STS)
Sr.No Year Name of Student Title of Research Project Guide
1 2009 Ms. Sonika Makhija Clinico-epidemiological profile of pediatric cancers: A Hospital Based Study.” Dr. P. M. Prabhu
2 2010 Mr. Rushit Shah “Is Our food in Safe Hands? A Study Of Food Handlers in Miraj.” Dr. P. M. Prabhu
3 2011 Ms. Ashwini Yadav “A Study of Knowledge and Perception of Tuberculosis as Opportunistic Infection among National AIDS Control Programme Beneficiaries.” Dr. P. M. Prabhu
4 2011 Ms. Indira Deshmukh An Evaluation Of Certain Factors Of Immunization Coverage Among 12 – 23 Months Old Children: A Community Based Study Dr. J. M. Jatti
5 2013 Ms. Jeenal Gore
“Who Wants To Have Daughters?”: A Cross Sectional Study Of Attitude And Family Support In Females Having First-Born Daughter Towards Birth Of Girl-Child” Dr. P. M. Prabhu
Workshops organized by the department (Last 5 years)
Sr. No. Name Date Speakers
1 Comprehensive abortion Care 19.02.09
Dr. S. S. Rajderkar , Professor & Head, PSM
Dr. Mrs. Mule, Professor & Head, Ob Gy
Dr. B.K.Murthy , Asso Prof., Ob & Gy
Dr. P. M. Prabhu ,Assit Prof, PSM
Dr. U. U. Ukey, LMO PSM
For interns & Residents.
21/02/09 Dr. Tate, CTO, Sangli.
Dr. Shinde, DTO, Sangli.
Dr. Avinash Kanchar, WHO Consultant
3 Reasearch Methodology. 02/12/2009 Dr.S.S.Rajderkar, Professor & Head , PSM
Dr. Mrs. J. D. Naik, Assoc. Prof., PSM
4 INMCI 23/02/10 To 27/02/10 Dr.S.S.Rajderkar., Professor & Head , PSM
Dr. S. S. Wagh, AP and Head, Dept of Paeds
5 Research Methodology 05/03/02011 Dr. S. S. Rajderkar, Dean, GMC, Miraj.
Dr. V. S. Kulkarni, HOD Microbiology Dept.
Dr. S. V. Gandham, Asso. Prof. PSM Dpt. RCSM GMC, Kolhapur
Dr. Mrs. S. Ramanand HOD Pharmacology
Orientation workshop for interns
05/03/2011 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik, Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
GMC, Miraj
Dr. Tate, CTO, Sangli
7 PCPNDT Sensitization workshop
(MMC Accredated)
06/03/2011 Dr. S. S. Rajderkar, Dean, GMC, Miraj.
Dr. G. M. Jatti , Assit Prof, PSM
Dr. Ravi Rawal , Assist Prof. , Ob & Gy
8 Comprehensive abortion Care
(MMC Accredated)
07/03/2011 Dr. S. S. Rajderkar , Dean, GMC, Miraj
Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik, Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. B.K.Murthy , Asso Prof. , Ob & Gy
Dr. P. M. Prabhu ,Assit Prof, PSM
Dr. G. M. Jatti ,Assit Prof, PSM
9 Leprosy Workshop Tuesday 30/08/2011 Dr.S.S.Rajderkar. Prof and Head. PSM.
Dr. Anandrao More, ADHO, Leprosy. Sangli.
Orientation workshop for interns
31/08/2012 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik, Nodal Officer , Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
GMC, Miraj
Dr. Tate, CTO, Sangli
11 Basic Training for nurses RNTCP- Basic Training 4th , 5th ,15th , 16th March Dr. Mrs J.D. Naik , Nodal Officer , Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
GMC, Miraj
Dr. Ananda More, M. O. DOTs Plus, GMC, Miraj
12 RNTCP Orientation workshop for interns 11/03/2013 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik , Nodal Officer ,Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
Dr. Ananda More, M. O. DOTs Plus, GMC, Miraj
Dr. Tate, CTO, Sangli
13 Research Methodology workshop for Residents October 2013 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik, Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. P. M. Prabhu ,Assit Prof, PSM
Dr. V. O. Pandey ,Statistitian, PSM
14. RNTCP Sensitization workshop for interns 10/03/2014 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik, Nodal Officer, Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
Dr. Shaikh , Prof and Head, Pulmonery Medicine
15 RNTCP Sensitization workshop for interns 16/08/2014 Dr. Mrs. J.D. Naik , Nodal Officer , Asso. Prof and Head.PSM
Dr. Survashi, Medical Officer, DOTS Centre,
Dr. Shaikh , Prof and Head, Pulmonery Medicine