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Rural Health Training Centre, Tasgaon under the jurisdiction of Government Medical College, Miraj was established on 20/08/1966 according to the G. R. –Urban development ,Public Health & Housing Dept.. 1065/427-D. Rural Health Training Centre, Tasgaon works under administrative control of Government Medical College, Miraj. & Directorate of Medical Education & Research, Mumbai. Post Graduate students, Under Graduate students and Interns, nursing students are posted at Rural Health Training Centre, Tasgaon for their training.

At this centre, training regarding health services, rural health problems, social awareness about health problems, family health studies, implementation of various National programmers’ etc. is imparted to the above mentioned trainee students.

Geographical Information

Rural Health Training Centre lies 25 Km north to Government Medical college, Miraj and is in the heart of the Tasgaon, Taluka Tasgaon District, Sangli. It is situated in the proximity of the adopted area of the Rural Health Training Centre. Rural Health Training Centre provides all possible health facilities to the Citizens of Tasgaon and villagers nearby. For the proper functioning, the total area and population of Tasgaon has been divided into 5 sectors. Health workers are appointed in each of the sectors. Various health programs, surveys, antenatal clinic, under five clinic, immunization clinic etc. are held in the sectors and at the center and the reports are forwarded to Rural Hospital, Tasgaon; Zila Parishad, Sangli; Civil Surgeon, Padmabhusan Vasantdada Patil General Hospital, Sangli; Head Of Department of Preventive Social Medicine and Dean, Government Medical College, Miraj.

Teaching Staff Members Name Designation Degree Teaching Experience (U.G) Teaching Experience (P.G.)
1 Dr.Tejaswini Vishnu Sangrulkar Associate Professor MBBS ,MD (PSM) 10 years & 9 months 5 years & 6 months
2 Dr.Ramdas Bhanudas Hajare Dental Surgeon BDS —– —–
3 Dr.Devika Harshwardha.Jog JR I M.B.B.S —– —–
4 Dr.PratibhaJayasingrao Thorat Assistant Medical Officer B.A.M.S —– —–

On the establishment of RHTC Tasgaon Clerical staff, Nursing staff, lab technician, Sanitary Inspector and Class four workers are working.


Activities in Rural Health Training Centre

The activities in the Rural Health Training Centre are of 3 categories

  1. Patient Care services
  2. Services in the field Practice areas
  3. School immunization
  4. Educational and Training Activities
  5. Research Activities
Patient Care services
1. OPD Services
a. General OPD

RHTC provides outpatient services to the population in adopted community and its surrounding area . The place of RHTC being central one,the patient drain is good one .

With the support of the Lab services ,routine ailments are treated here. For other cases like accidental ,snake bite and serious cases, referral services are provided to GMC,Miraj. Specialty clinics are organizes at the Centre for convenience of the patients.

b. Dental OPD

RHTC provides dental services to the population in adopted community and its surrounding area . For other cases referral services are provided to GMC,Miraj.

2. Laboratory Services

Various routine investigation like Hb,Blood group ,Blood And Urine sugar etc are available at the centre.These are available in the centre as well as in the community during camps.

3. Maternal and Child Health Services
    • a. Antenatal Clinic:

All essential ANC related services like Care during ANC, Immunization, Screening for High risk cases, Lab services, Mother craft etc are provided. New registrations are done on every Monday and Thursday in a week. Health education regarding immunization of the baby, Child nutrition, personal hygiene, breast feeding etc is given to mothers.

    • b. Intra-Natal Care:

The intra-natal care are referred to Government Medical Collage and Hospital of Miraj and Sangli and Rural Hospital Tasgaon .

    • c. Post-natal care:

The PNC care is provided to the mothers in the home visits with the aim of early detection of complications if any and for providing support and education regarding baby care.

    • d. Family Planning services:

The services are with cafeteria approach commonly in the form of Condom (Nirodh) and OC Pills distribution and providing motivation for sterilization, referral of the patients for laparoscopic tubectomy and vasectomy at Government Medical College, Miraj and Sangli.

4. DOTS Center

Anti-Tubercuosis treatment under observation is made available to Tuberculosis patients through the DOTS center. Apart from this, home visits for defaulter patients, counseling regarding the disease and support during treatment are provided by Health Care workers. Referral services to GMCH, Miraj are available as per the needs.

5. Leprosy Centre

Anti-leprosy treatment under observation is made available to leprosy patients through the LEPROSY center. Apart from this, home visits for defaulter patients, counseling regarding the disease and support during treatment are provided by leprosy technician. Referral services to GMCH, Miraj are available as per the needs.

5. Under Five Clinic Activities
    • a. Immunization Clinic:

This clinic is conducted every Wednesday and Friday in the Afternoon session.

    • b. Pulse Polio Immunization:

Active participation in the Polio Eradication Campaign was there since its initiation. Pulse Polio booths in Center as well as in the community are made available.Intensified Pulse Polio immunization is done by house to house visit.

    • c. Well baby clinic:

Under five children accompanying their mothers are provided with health promotive and protective services including screening and advice for nutritional disorders on every Wednesday in the afternoon session. Vitamin A prophylaxis and Deworming is also done .

    • d. Other Activities:

Various camps like Vitamin A camp, De-worming Camp, Eye camp, Diabetic camps are organized and Neuro /mental/spinal cord camp participated .

6. Activities on National Health Days

Various National Health days are celebrated every year in Rural Health Centre with activities in the Center and in the adopted community. These days are World Health Day, World TB Day, World Diabetes Day, World AIDS Day etc. Activities like Poster Exhibitions, Diagnostic camps, Community Awareness drives are organized.

Activities in Field Practice Area
School Immunization
Educational and Training Activities
1. Training activities
  • a. Undergraduate Training Program :
    Clinical Postings, Family Health study, Educational Field visits etc.
  • b. Postgraduate Training Program :
    Family Health studies, Clinico-Social Case studies, Administrative and other trainings.
  • c. Interns Training Program :
    One month Posting to learn Rural health care system.
  • d. Paramedical Staff Training Program :
    One month Posting of nursing students to learn Rural health care system
2. Health Educational Activities:
  • a. In the Center:
    Health Education to the people in the Rural Health Centre is done at OPD during check-up, immunization, ANC clinic
  • b. In the Adopted Community :
    During celebration of different national health days, special health education camps are organized in the adopted community.